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Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) evaluate tourism industry activity and performance within a national accounting framework. The regional TSA measures both the direct and indirect impacts of tourism on the economy and includes metrics such as Gross Value Added (GVA), Gross Regional Product (GRP) and employment. It also provides information about tourism consumption, output, taxation and the composition of the tourism industry and its interaction with other industries.

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Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia regularly publishes tourism reports covering key findings from Tourism Australia’s commissioned research, Tourism Research Australia’s International Visitor Surveys and National Visitor Surveys, and other tourism supply and demand intelligence gathered from a broad range of sources. The reports serve to cover issues such as:

The value of tourism to the Australian economy
Industry performance
Current marketing dynamics; and
Emerging trends in relation to tourism consumer and trade

In addition, Tourism Research Australia (TRA) publishes a suite of tourism related reports aiming to equip industry with intelligence to strengthen their marketing and business decisions. Visit TRA’s website for a list of the latest publications.